Manufacturing Industry Executives

Count: 877,509 | List: 1197

manufacturing industry executives mailing listThis comprehensive listing of industries and executives originates from each state’s industrial index.The executives are selected by SIC, title, employee size and sales volume. These Manufacturing Industry Executives are ideal prospects for time management and industry specific offers, manufacturing industry events and conventions, equipment sales and several ares of services.

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Selections by Type of Employee Size

Under 10 262,174
10 – 19 138,078
20 – 49 182,638
50 – 99 108,188
100 – 249 111,093
250 – 499 43,185
500 – 999 20,792
1,000 – 4,999 10,566
5,000 & Over 795


Selections by Title

President 223,548
Chief Executive Officer 13,371
Chairman 7,024
Owner 60,758
Chief Operating Officer 2,450
Division President 804
Partner 19,491
Vice President 89,652
Secretary 12,690
Chief Financial Officer 16,084
Treasurer 15,108
Finance Manager 64,767
Purchasing Director 43,338
Credit Manager 1,051
Vice President of Advertising 1,824
Vice President of Marketing 33,971
Vice President of Sales 75,324
Product Manager 3,135
Manufacturing Vice President 5,804
Customer Affairs Manager 3,392
General Manager 73,303
Plant Manager 52,279
Production Manager 7,034
Operations Manager 37,615
Traffic Manager 1,247
Foreman 1,563
Office Manager 31,778
Business Manager 912
Research & Development Director 31,453
Chief Engineer 21,600
Quality Control Manager 4,375
Editor 4,381
System Manager 242
Management Information Services Director 62,141
Quality Assurance Director 2,203
Personnel Director 16,551
Publisher 4,440
Account Executive 1,311

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