Nurses Masterfile

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 List: 1504-4  | Count: 5,129,620 | Emails: 280,746  

76% Female | 99% Zip + 4 | 53% Phones | 5% Email Records | 100% Contact Names

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Nurses provide general nursing to patients in hospitals, nursing homes, infirmaries or similar health care facilities. They administer prescribed medications and treatments in accordance with approved nursing techniques. They also prepare equipment and aid physicians during treatments and examinations of patients. Nurses observe patients and record significant conditions and reactions to drugs, treatments and significant incidents. They also check for vital signs, rotate among various clinical services of institution, and prepare rooms, sterile equipment and supplies. They may make beds, bathe and feed patients or serve as leaders for a group of personnel rendering nursing care to a number of patients.

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The Nurses list is NCOA’d quarterly.

There are 3,115,441 nursing records with license number available!

State counts available upon request.

Selections by Specialty

Acute Care Practitioner 2,251
Adult Care 8,667
Adult Psych 12,734
Advanced Practice 200,631
AIDS 286,103
Cardiology 1,697
Child Psychiatric/Mental Health 220
Clinical Nursing Specialist 7,264
Community Health 7,506
Critical Care – Adults 23,070
Critical Care – Children 8
Dermatology 98
Diabetes 315
Dialysis 571
Drug/Alcohol 178
Emergency Care/Emergency Room 17,453
Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat (EENT) 148
Family Care 23,589
Family Planning 7
Family Psychiatric/Mental Health 147
Geriatric Aide 134
Geriatric Care 29,250
Home Health Care 18,469
Maternal – Child CNS 37
Medical/Surgical 44,501
Medicine Assistant/Medicine 9
Midwife 4,999
Neonatal 12,061
Neurology 321
Nurse Anesthetist 19,528
Nurse Practitioner 76,345
Ob/Gyn 22,569
Occupational Health 2,515
Oncology 8,101
Orthopedics 1,143
Pediatric Oncology 144
Pediatrics 25,123
Peri-Operative 2,244
Perinatal 65
Prescriptive Authority 10,165
Public Health 52,946
Rehabilitation 5,660
Reproductive Health 128
School Nurse 4,140
Transplants 77
Urology 55
Women’s Health 3,682
Wound Care Specialists 1,802


Selections by Type of Nurse

Clinical Nursing/Clinical Nurse Specialist 3,191
Licensed Practical Nurse 557,245
Nurse Anesthetist 12,912
Nurse Home Health Care 13,361
Nurse Midwife 3,160
Nurse Practitioner 342,000
Nurses Assistant 333,644
Registered Nurse – Professional Nurse 2,927,859


Selections by Marital Status

Married 2,099,280
Single 873,964


Selections by Type of Type of Dwelling

Single 3,105,703
Multiple 236,404


Selections by Estimated Age

Age 19-24 63,003
Age 25-34 448,648
Age 35-44 701,346
Age 45-54 885,589
Age 55-64 895,764
Age 65-74 336,922
Age 75+ 55,565


Selections by Estimated Income

Under 15K 61,003
15-24K 100,479
25-34K 204,220
35-49K 529,123
50-74K 1,277,200
75-99K 777,557
100-124K 344,738
125-149K 17,800
150-174K 49,084
175-199K 14,209
200-249K 21,068
250K+ 18,901


Selections by Type of Property

Apartment 22,096
Condo 138,296
Mobile Home 34,641
Residential 2,150,845
Suite 95


Selections by Ethnicity

Hispanic 327,914


Selections by Type of Address

Business Address 18,114
3-Line Address 5,111,506


Pricing | 25% Commission to Recognized Brokers

Base $80/M Title Address $5/M Cheshire No Charge
Minimum Order $250 Job Title $5/M PS Labels $7/M
Unlimited Use $160/M Gender $5/M Galley $10/M
Duplicate Set $40/M SCF $5/M Diskette $25/F
Run Charges $10/M County $5/M CD-ROM $25/F
Special Sort $5/M Zip Codes $5/M E-Mail Delivery $25/F
Size Select $5/M State No Charge Phones $15/M
Key Code $3/M Zip + 4 No Charge E-Mail Records $350/M; Min. 5000