Consumer E-mail Advantage

Count: 5,436,522 | List: 6090

health service providers mailing listLower the cost to serve your customers with targeted e-mail promotions. Hugo Dunhill’s Consumer E-mail Advantage gives you access to millions of permission based e-mail addresses for your targeted e-mail promotions. Prospects in our e-mail database have indicated their interest and given permission to be contacted via e-mail.

The Benefits of E-mail Promotions

  • Extend the reach and frequency of advertising and promotional messages
  • Drive sales traffic to offline channel partners or websites
  • Execute cost-effective customer acquisition and retention programs
  • Increase customer lifetime value

Popular Consumer E-mail Selections

  • Demographic Selections:  Age, income, ethnicity, gender, homeownership and more.
  • Lifestyle Interests: Online shopping, cultural, healthy living, fitness, food and wine, music, reading, religion and more.
  • High-tech Interests: Cell phones, internet, computers, electronics, home, entertainment/video, science and technology and more.
  • Family Interests: Children/Parenting products, grandparents, pet enthusiasts and more

Prospects in our e-mail database have indicated their interest and given permission to be contacted via e-mail.

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Selections by Occupation

Business Owner 151,865
Doctor 18,778
Homemaker 331,726
In-Home Business Operator 29,954
IT/MIS Professional 49,615
Nurse 113,589
Other 964,804
Professional/Technical 382,044
Retired 198,232
Sales/Marketing 277,149
Secretary/Clerical Admin 318,238
Skilled Trade/Blue Collar 67,804
Small Business Owner 83,429
Student 367,925
Teacher 65,049
Upper Management 99,361
Veteran 36,236


Lifestyle Categories

Addiction Responders 27,061
Allergy Sufferers 1,726,019
Apparel Shoppers 879,466
Arthritis Sufferers 643,227
Asthma Sufferers 515,094
Auto Insurance Responders 1,387,477
Auto Shoppers 1,223,518
Business Responders 2,662,866
Cat Owners 1,743,468
Catalog Shoppers 991,391
Cellular Responders 1,916,046
Charitable Donors 1,321,686
Cholesterol Sufferers 540,074
Cold & Flu Sufferers 353,905
Computer Owners & Shoppers 2,161,192
Credit Responders 1,488,182
Debt & Finance 1,330,988
Diabetes Sufferers 380,745
Dog Owners 1,736,338
Education Responders 439,242
Electronics Responders 2,230,864
Extended Warranty Responders 364,014
Food, Drinks & Diners 355,989
Gamers & Players 196,879
Gardeners & Botanical Interests 944,905
Graduates & Degrees 2,993,762
Hair Type & Hair Concerns 633,833
Health Ailments 2,326,226
Health Insurance Consumers 1,057,355
Heart Condition Sufferers 297,618
Heartburn Sufferers 1,024,869
High Blood Pressure Sufferers 564,232
Higher Education Responders 879,441
Home Improvement Consumers 1,318,271
Home Improvement File 564,984
Hygiene Products & Preferences 1,487,253
Internet Shoppers 1,066,465
Investor Responders 1,236,032
Kids & Family 741,204
Kids Products 333,945
Laundry & Household Products 1,183,009
Life Insurance Consumers 884,750
Medication Use Responders 2,064,487
Mental & Behavioral Afflictions 745,823
Movers & Home Buyers 1,015,635
Movie & TV Watchers 659,550
Music Responders 1,148,793
New & Expecting Parents 391,466
Online Education Responders 426,050
Pain Sufferers 1,704,938
Personal Products 824,214
Prime Prospects 1,370,410
Reader Responders 2,223,695
Recreational Vehicle Owners 55,336
Relationship Responders 419,161
Religion Responders 1,382,945
Self Employed Responders 826,519
Shopper Responders 2,225,358
Travel Responders 1,889,328
Vision Correction 1,064,127
Weight Loss Responders 1,215,736

Consumer Marketing Lists

Hugo Dunhill’s Consumer Marketing Lists cover 98% of U.S. households!

Our consumer file allows you to tap into the most targeted and largest source of consumer data available. It offers over 240 Million Consumers, 110 Million Households, and 110 different demographic segments!  Now it’s easier than ever to tailor your marketing lists to the specifications you need the most. Hugo Dunhill can help guide you through the hundreds of consumer selections available – including: income, age, purchasing behavior, marital status and more.

maillady, Consumer Marketing Lists

Popular selections include:

  • Income
  • Age
  • Lifestyle Interests
  • Homeowners
  • Home Market Value
  • Mortgage Information
  • Purchasing Behavior
  • Marital Status
  • Presence of Children
  • Ethnicity
  • Students
  • Credit Card Buying Standards
  • Emails
  • Mail Order Buyers and More!


Our database is compiled from hundreds of public and proprietary sources including white pages, assessment records, surveys, credit cards, drivers’ licenses, warranty data, credit bureaus and mail order data.


Our consumer database is guaranteed to be 95% deliverable

  • Continuously updated
  • Processed against both the National Change of Address file (NCOA) and Delivery Sequence File
  • Carrier routed and zip+4 coded using the U.S. Postal Service’s certified Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) and Delivery Point Validation (DPV) confirmation


Please call one of our knowledgeable account executive at Hugo Dunhill.

You can reach us at (800) 223.6454

We can help you find the criteria that makes the most sense for your marketing list,  so you receive the most accurate and relevant marketing and mailing lists available.

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