DB Source, Marketing and Sales Executives

Count: 300,286 | List: 6094

Marketing and SalesWith a universe of 14 million businesses and 24 million executives, you now have the most comprehensive business information available. Hugo Dunhill Media is well recognized for its wide range of job titles — over 200 are available.

Our DB Source database is multi-sourced using yellow pages and business white pages, along with annual reports, government data, business directories, corporate and executive registers and public records. In order to ensure accuracy, the file is then put through a telephone verification process to update and obtain additional information such as employee size, key contact name and primary SIC code.

The fact is that well-sourced, intelligently selected business lists and demographically rich databases are the most powerful tools for selling products and services in today’s complex business environment. Reaching the right person with the right message is everything. Hugo Dunhill Media’s DB Source database can do just that for you. We can help you locate new markets, identify new opportunities and build existing relationships.

Marketing Executives are responsible for developing and executing a clearly defined marketing and communications strategy in a manner that supports consistent business growth and enhances brand equity and awareness.

Sales Executives are responsible for revenues and the execution of the company’s sales plan. This includes market competitiveness, pricing, compensation and distribution and channel strategy.

Reach these Marketing and Sales Executives for offers on Seminars, Subscriptions, Books, Recruitment and any other Marketing or Sales offers.

The DB Source – Marketing and Sales Executives list is NCOA’d quarterly.

We can find any list you need!

  • Over 250 Hard-to-Find Licensed Professionals Lists
  • Medical & Healthcare Mailing Lists
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  • Over 100,000 Satisfied Customers
  • Over 70 Years in Business

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Marketing and Sales Executives List

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Selections by Job Title

Marketing Executive 165,764
Sales Executive 134,522


Selections by Employee Size

1 – 4 22,616
5 – 9 41,834
10 – 19 63,705
20 – 49 74,461
50 – 99 51,650
100 – 249 33,583
250 – 499 8,050
500 – 999 3,245
1,000+ 1,142


Selections by Sales Volume

Under $500K 12,936
$500,000 to $1 Million 22,616
$1 Million to $2.5 Million 49,167
$2.5 Million to $ 5 Million 44,645
$5 Million to $10 Million 43,994
$10 Million to $50 Million 71,693
$50 Million to $100 Million 17,767
$100 Million to $500 Million 11,303
$500 Million to $1 Billon 1,194
1 Billon & Over 1,189

State counts available upon request.