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Our Owner, Vin Gupta

Owner & Founder | Vin Gupta

As the Marketing Manager for Commodore Mobile homes, our owner, Vin Gupta realized the importance of accurate business information in the sales and marketing world. Since he could not find any quality data sources for small business needs, Vin started infoUSA (first named Business Research Services, then changed to American Business Lists and then American Business Information) with $100 that he borrowed. He ordered all the yellow pages and compiled his first list for mobile home dealers. For the next 13 years, Vin and his associates compiled and categorized the entirety of the United States Yellow Pages directories, with substantial demand from small-business customers. Upon its IPO in 1993, American Business Lists underwent many changes in the ensuing years, becoming infoUSA and, later, infoGROUP. In August 2008, Vin retired from his post as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board at infoGROUP, leaving a legacy of hands-on leadership and measurable performance with his company. infoGROUP was sold to CCMP for $650 million in July 2010.