Nursing Homes

Count: 17,185 | List: 1566

Nursing Homes Mailing ListHugo Dunhill Mailing Lists now offers a brand new file of 17,185 Nursing Homes and their administrators. Nursing Homes are places of residence for people who require constant nursing care and have significant deficiencies with activities of daily living.

Reach these Nursing Home administrators for offers on Seminars, Subscriptions, Books, Recruitment and any other health related offer.

The Nursing Homes list is NCOA’d Quarterly.

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Selections by Specialty

Alzheimer’s Center (Dementia Center) 246
Assisted Living Facility 5,354
Custodial Care Facility 1,444
Hospice – Inpatient 170
Intermediate Care Facility 1,005
Nursing Facility/Intermediate Care Facility 1,621
Skilled Nursing Facility 8,386


Selections by Title

Administrative Director – Manager 378
Chief Executive Officer 53
Chief Financial Officer 865
Chief Operating Officer 185
Controller 239
Director 272
Executive Director 959
Managing VP/Director/Officer 235
Office Manager 222
Owner 1,565
President 1,791
Vice President 200
VP Administration 4,590