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New Neighbors Express – New Movers / New Connects
List Number: 6082-8 List Count: 1900000

To get this list call (800) 611-0557.

New resident connects available DAILY, WEEKLY or MONTHLY from


Hugo Dunhill Mailing Lists, Inc.!
An Opportunity Knocking At Your Door
This is the time when they NEED YOU MOST. The new residents will need supplies, furnishings
and other products and services as they move in.
For telemarketing or direct mail campaigns – it’s a list of potential customers for any of these
products and services!
­ Child Care                                                                   ­ Lawn Care
­ Financial Services                                                       ­ Pet Care
­ Furniture                                                                     ­ Publications
­ Health Clubs                                                               ­ Restaurants
­ Insurance                                                                    ­ Utilities…And More!
Who’s In and Who’s Out
Old customer not picking up? Hugo Dunhill can provide you with a list of daily, weekly or monthly residential telephone disconnections so you can update your customer records.
Get it straight from the SOURCE
Hugo Dunhill Mailing Lists, Inc. can give you updated lists DAILY, WEEKLY or MONTHLY – so you’ll get to them FIRST even before your competition. Start your day right with a fresh new list of residents.
Get it daily, weekly or monthly – be the first to knock on your new neighbor’s door!
Selections Available: New Mover Type, New Connect Date Range, Dwelling Type, Gender,
Federal DNC Suppression, and Postal and/or Telemarketing Records.