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Welcome to our Library & Learning Center. In this section, you will discover “How to” and “What to do” articles broken out into four basic categories.

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Section 1 – Effective Direct Mail Letter Writing and Marketing Techniques

1:1    How to Utilize the Two Most Important Elements in Your Direct Mail Campaign
1:2    What are the Four “Musts”
1:3    What are Key Points to Remember in Writing Your Direct Mail Letter
1:4    How to Use Your Envelope and Reply Card to SELL!
1:5    How to Use Non-Standard Mailings to Get Great Response
1:6    How to Boost the Profitability of Your Mailing


Section 2 – Effective Brochure Writing and Marketing Techniques

2:1    What to do Before Preparing a Seminar Brochure
2:2    How to Prepare a Seminar Brochure
2:3    How to Write a Brochure Copy that Sells
2:4    How to produce a Direct Mail brochure
2:5    How to prepare a Direct Mail brochure that sells

Section 3 – Successful Techniques for Direct Mail Marketing

3:1    Getting a Big Response from What to Consider when doing a Business-to-Business Mailing
3:2    What Factors to Consider  when Obtaining a Mailing List
3:3    Summary Checklist for Getting Started in the Mail
3:4    What Factors Increase Your Chances for Direct Mail Success
3:5    What are Some of the Most Successful Types of Offers
3:6    What are Proven Response Techniques

Section 4 – General Marketing and Other

4:1    How to have a Successful Direct Mail Campaign – 99 Tips
4:2    How to Interpret a Standard Industrial Classification – SIC
4:3    What should you know before you sit down to write a word of sales copy
4:4    What to remember when you write
4:5    How to Promote Meetings and Seminars