Laboratories and Laboratory Executives

Count: 27,834 | List: 4545

Laboratory ExecutivesThis file features Laboratories and Laboratory Executives. A Laboratory is a room or building equipped for scientific experiments, research, or teaching, or for the manufacture of drugs or chemicals.

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The Laboratories and Laboratory Executives list is NCOA’d Quarterly.

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Selections by Type of Laboratory

Dental 4,282
Medical 1,396
Testing 2,544


Selections by Title Size

Administrator 1,159
Chief Executive Officer – CEO/Executive Officer 860
Chief Financial Officer – CFO/Controller, Finance Executive 515
Chief Marketing Officer /Marketing/Sales Executive 787
Chief Operating Officer – COO/Operations Executive 169
Chief Technology Officer/Chief Information Officer/Information Technology 247
Director 634
Engineering/Technical 100
General Manager/Manager 7,426
Human Resources Executive 118
Office Mmanager 511
Owner 11,736
Partner/President/Principal 2,513
Professional 679
Purchasing 37
Vice President 232