Drug Prescribers

Count: 1,185,317 | List: 1524

Drug PrescribersThis file features registration information with the DEA registration number and drug codes. It consists of records maintained on the following categories of individuals registered under the Controlled Substances Act including registrants doing business under their individual name rather than a business name: physicians and related practitioners, dentists, veterinarians, persons conducting research with controlled substances, importers of controlled substances, exporters of controlled substances, manufacturers of controlled substances, distributors of controlled substances and pharmacies.

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Selections by Type of Business Activity

Retail Pharmacy 29,832
Chain Pharmacy 34,158
Hospital/Clinic 15,422
Practitioner 995,184
Practitioner-DW/30 11,483
Practitioner-Military 6,860
Practitioner-DW/100 2,281
Researcher 5,190
Canine Handler 1,344
Analytical Lab 1,360
Mid-Level Practitioner-Ambulance Service 2,175
Mid-Level Practitioner-Animal Shelter 1,364
Mid-Level Practitioner-Nurse Practitioner 75,539
Mid-Level Practitioner-Optometrist 19,341
Mid-Level Practitioner-Physician Assistant 43,904


Selections by Drug Category

Controlled Substances (schedule 1) 2,821
Narcotic Controlled Substances (schedule 2) 1,179,746
Non-Narcotic Controlled Substances (schedule 2N) 1,168,414
Narcotic Controlled Substances (schedule 3) 1,221,673
Non-Narcotic Controlled Substances (schedule 3N) 1,208,421
Controlled Substances (schedule 4) 1,222,373
Controlled Substances (schedule 5) 1,192,254


Selections by Type of Practitioner

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse 1,859
Certified Nurse-Midwife 2,280
Doctor of Dentistry 111,891
Doctor of Medical Dentistry 35,656
Doctor of Osteopathy 43,996
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine 13,850
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 46,713
Medical Doctor 607,86
Nurse Practitioner 44,766
Doctor of Optometry 14,829
Physicians Assistant 30,885