Corporate Public Affairs Executives

Count: 10,834 | List: 2130

Corporate Public Affairs Executives Mailing ListCorporate Public Affairs Executives represent the nation’s leading companies engaged in public affairs activities such as establishing political action committees, information centers, and philanthropic enterprises. This file includes 1,612 lobbyists. They are also responsible for internal communication with employees and stockholders, and external communication with consumers, the media, government and the public.

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Corporate Public Affairs Executives Datacard


Selections by Title/Job Function

President 939
Chief Executive Officer 459
Chairman 853
Vice President 273
General Counsel 167
Treasurer 481
Financial Manager 116
Investor Relations Manager 772
Media Relations Manager 345
Public Relations Manager 710
Corporate Communications Manager 1,304
Corporate Affairs Manager 1,115
Public Affairs Manager 596
Government Affairs Manager 1,797
Human Resources Administrator 822