Clubs and Organizations – Non Profit

Total Count: 1,208,283 Orgs | Count with Contact Names: 633,759

List: 3198

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charitable organizations, civic leagues, labor unions, fraternal organizations, and social clubs, to name just a few.

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Clubs and Organizations

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Selections by Classification

Agricultural Organizations 9,455
Benevolent Life Insurance Associations 1,469
Board of Trade 17,778
Burial Associations 4,734
Business League 36,013
Cemetery Company 3,694
Chambers of Commerce 6,361
Charitable Organizations 637,617
Civic Leagues 33,517
Credit Union 2,270
Domestic Fraternal Societies & Associations 12,712
Educational Organizations 170,305
Fraternal Beneficiary Societies, Orders or Associations 43,195
Horticultural Organizations 834
Labor Organizations 32,759
Literary Organizations 2,325
Local Associations of Employees 2,862
Mutual Ditch or Irrigation Companies 1,486
Mutual Insurance Companies or Associations (other than Life) 800
Mutual Cooperative Telephone Companies 282
Organizations for Public Safety Testing 1,101
Organizations to Prevent Cruelty to Animals 5,620
Organizations to Prevent Cruelty to Children 549
Pleasure, Recreational or Social Clubs 42,997
Post or Organization of War Veterans 30,908
Private Foundations 6,339
Real Estate Boards 505
Religious Organizations 212,301
Scientific Organizations 1,318
Social Welfare Organizations 40,355
Title Holding Companies for Pensions 813
Title Holding Corporations 4,487
Voluntary Employees Beneficiary Associations 6,215


Selections by Popular Clubs

Alumni Associations 2,792
Basketball 1,058
Baseball & Softball 3,916
Boys Clubs 73
Boys & Girls Clubs 240
Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc. 2,082
Boys Club, Little League, etc. 3,990
Camp Fire 38
Camps 2,300
Church, Synagogue, etc 25,289
Community Service Clubs 14,006
Football Clubs 2,064
Fraternity or Sorority 21,414
Girls Clubs 350
Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. 21
Labor Unions 21,569
Mental Health Treatment Organizations 531
Parent or Parent-Teachers Association 9,488
Patriotic Activities 23,664
Recreation, Sports, Leisure, Athletics 711
Recreational Clubs 14,465
Mental Health Treatment Organizations 531
Mental Health Treatment Organizations 531
Senior Centers 1,082
Soccer Clubs 1,799
Substance Abuse Prevention Organizations 430
Substance Abuse Treatment Organizations 507
Veterans Activities 12,573
Women’s Club 9,034
YMCA, YWCA, etc. 114
Youth Centers & Clubs 1,377